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Injured in an
offshore accident?

Our Injury Attorneys can help maximize your compensation!

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Injured in an
offshore accident?

Our Injury Attorneys can help maximize your compensation!

No Fee Until We Win!

Free Case Review

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Over $100 Million Recovered for Our Clients

Over $100 Million
Recovered for Our

Do You Have an
Offshore Accident Case?

If you have been injured in an offshore accident, you need an experienced offshore accident attorney to help you protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact the Knoll Law Firm now for a free legal consultation.

Our personal injury law firm offers a free case evaluation and works on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay nothing upfront and only pay if we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. We are available to take your call 24/7/365 and are committed to providing personalized legal representation that takes into account your unique circumstances.

Serving Louisiana for Over 55 Years

A trial lawyer must be willing and able to push a personal injury case to trial in order to maximize a client’s recovery. Over the past 55 years our lawyers have taken on the biggest corporations and insurance companies and tried the toughest personal injury cases. We know what it takes to win in the courtroom and prepare every case as if it will eventually be tried so as to maximize every client’s recovery.

When choosing a Louisiana lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case, only one thing should matter – RESULTS. Our attorneys have achieved extraordinary verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients recovering over $100 Million from negligent corporate defendants and insurance companies.

Who is Held Liable for an Offshore Accident?

Offshore accidents come in various types and have many potential causes. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are a result of negligence on the part of the offshore company or improperly trained employees running the rigs.

Slippery decks, carelessness, and faulty safety equipment are just a few examples of the hazards that can lead to serious injuries or even death. It is important to remember that the company has a duty to provide a safe working environment for all employees, and if they fail to do so, they need to be held accountable.

Working at sea comes with a host of dangers, and seamen face some of the most hazardous working conditions in the country. From injuries on workboats to accidents on oil platforms, offshore workers must navigate a multitude of risks every day.

If you have been injured in an offshore accident, it is crucial to seek the help of an experienced offshore injury attorney who can help you understand your legal options and fight for the compensation you deserve. At the Knoll Law Firm, our team of skilled maritime attorneys is dedicated to protecting the rights of offshore workers and ensuring that they receive the justice they deserve.

What can I Seek Compensation for if I was Injured Offshore?

If you’ve been injured in an offshore accident, you likely have many unresolved questions regarding the compensation you can seek for your injuries.

Here are a few common questions:

How will I pay my medical bills?

How will I support my family?

Do I have to accept what the
insurance company is offering me?

The answers to these questions depend on several factors, such as the severity of your injuries, the circumstances surrounding the accident, and the specific laws that apply to your situation.

One type of compensation that you may be entitled to is called “maintenance and cure.” This is a form of compensation that is available to most maritime workers who are injured on the job. Maintenance and cure benefits are intended to cover your basic living expenses, including food, lodging, and medical care, while you are recovering from your injuries.

You may also be entitled to:

Medical Expenses
Lost Wages
Property Damage
Pain and Suffering
Loss of Enjoyment of Life
Wrongful Death

It is important to note that every case is unique and the types of damages that you can seek compensation for will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. It is recommended that you speak with an experienced offshore accident attorney who can evaluate your case and help you understand what types of compensation you may be entitled to.

Our New Client Process

Our new client process is designed to provide you with the highest level of legal representation while minimizing the stress and burden on you and your family. From your free case review to your day in court, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.


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