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Helping People Take Control

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Have You Been Injured
in an Offshore Accident?

Have You Been Injured in an Offshore Accident?

Offshore accidents can be life-altering events, leaving you and your loved ones in a state of confusion and financial hardship. The aftermath of the accident can be overwhelming, with uncertainty surrounding your injuries and the legal process. At the Knoll Law Firm, we understand the challenges you may be facing and are here to provide the answers and support you need during this difficult time.

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Over 10,000 Clients
We've Helped

Over 10,000 Clients
We've Helped

If you have been injured in an offshore accident, you need an experienced offshore accident attorney to help you protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact the Knoll Law Firm now for a free legal consultation.

Our personal injury law firm offers a free case evaluation and works on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay nothing upfront and only pay if we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. We are available to take your call 24/7/365 and are committed to providing personalized legal representation that takes into account your unique circumstances.

Contact us Now for a Free Case Review

Contact us Now for a Free Case Review

Our attorneys will review your case and clear up any questions you may have about the legal process at no cost to you. There is no obligation to move forward with your case if you aren’t ready.

How can I Protect My Entitlement to Compensation after an Offshore Accident?

After an offshore accident, it is essential to act quickly to protect your entitlement to compensation. At the Knoll Law Firm, our experienced offshore accident attorneys can guide you through the legal process and help you understand your options for seeking compensation. Some steps you can take to protect your entitlement to compensation after an offshore accident include:

  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Report the accident to your employer or supervisor
  • Document the accident scene and injuries
  • Collect contact information from witnesses
  • Refrain from giving statements to insurance adjusters without first consulting an attorney

Our team has successfully represented clients in a variety of offshore accidents, including those involving oil rigs, drilling platforms, and boating accidents. We understand the complexities of maritime law and are dedicated to helping our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

What can I Seek Compensation for if I’ve been Injured Offshore?

If you’ve been injured in an offshore accident, you likely have many unresolved questions regarding the compensation you can seek for your injuries. Here are a few common questions:

  • How will I pay my medical bills?
  • How will I support my family?
  • Do I have to accept what the insurance company is offering me?

The answers to these questions depend on several factors, such as the severity of your injuries, the circumstances surrounding the accident, and the specific laws that apply to your situation.

One type of compensation that you may be entitled to is called “maintenance and cure.” This is a form of compensation that is available to most maritime workers who are injured on the job. Maintenance and cure benefits are intended to cover your basic living expenses, including food, lodging, and medical care, while you are recovering from your injuries.

You may also be entitled to:

Medical Expenses

This includes the cost of past, present and future hospital stays, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, and any other medical treatment related to the accident.

Lost Wages

If the injuries sustained in the accident prevent you from working, you may be able to recover lost wages, including future lost earnings if your injuries result in long-term disability.

Pain and Suffering

This type of compensation is designed to compensate you for the physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by the accident.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

If the injuries from the accident prevent you from participating in activities that you once enjoyed, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of enjoyment of life.

Wrongful Death

If the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation for funeral expenses, loss of income, and other wrongful death damages.

Over $100 Million
Recovered for Our Clients

It is important to note that every case is unique and the types of damages that you can seek compensation for will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. It is recommended that you speak with an experienced offshore accident attorney who can evaluate your case and help you understand what types of compensation you may be entitled to.

Don’t let medical bills and financial stress weigh you down – get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Contact us Now for a Free Consultation.

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Who is Held Liable for an Offshore Accident?

Offshore accidents come in various types and have many potential causes. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are a result of negligence on the part of the offshore company or improperly trained employees running the rigs.

Slippery decks, carelessness, and faulty safety equipment are just a few examples of the hazards that can lead to serious injuries or even death. It is important to remember that the company has a duty to provide a safe working environment for all employees, and if they fail to do so, they need to be held accountable.

Working at sea comes with a host of dangers, and seamen face some of the most hazardous working conditions in the country. From injuries on workboats to accidents on oil platforms, offshore workers must navigate a multitude of risks every day.

If you have been injured in an offshore accident, it is crucial to seek the help of an experienced offshore injury attorney who can help you understand your legal options and fight for the compensation you deserve. At the Knoll Law Firm, our team of skilled maritime attorneys is dedicated to protecting the rights of offshore workers and ensuring that they receive the justice they deserve.

What are the Most Common Injuries from Offshore Accidents?

Offshore accidents can cause a variety of injuries, some of which can be life-changing.

The following are some of the most common injuries suffered in offshore accidents:

Head and Brain Injuries

Offshore workers can suffer head injuries from falling objects, explosions, or being struck by equipment. Brain injuries can cause cognitive, physical, and emotional impairments.

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

Slip and falls, lifting heavy equipment, or accidents involving cranes or winches can cause severe back and spinal cord injuries. These injuries can cause permanent disabilities, such as paralysis.

Burns and Electrocutions

Workers on offshore platforms are exposed to various chemicals and gases, which can cause explosions or fires. Electrocutions are also common in offshore accidents due to electrical equipment and machinery.

Broken Bones and Fractures
Accidents involving heavy machinery, falls, and equipment malfunctions can cause broken bones and fractures.
Drowning and Suffocation

Offshore workers may be at risk of drowning or suffocating if they are involved in accidents that result in exposure to water or hazardous gases.

Psychological Injuries

Offshore accidents can be traumatic and can cause emotional distress, such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It’s important to seek medical attention after an offshore accident, even if you don’t feel any immediate pain or symptoms. Some injuries may not be apparent right away and can worsen over time without proper treatment.

Dealing with injuries after an offshore accident can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. An experienced Louisiana maritime accident attorney can help you understand your legal options and make sure you receive the proper medical treatment and compensation for your injuries.

Your recovery starts now. Contact us Now for a Free Consultation and let us handle the legal process while you focus on healing.

We’re Available 24/7

What is the Process of Filing a Legal Claim?

At The Knoll Law Firm, we understand that the aftermath of an injury can be a difficult and confusing time. That’s why we’re here to help guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your injuries.

Our new client process is designed to provide you with the highest level of legal representation while minimizing the stress and burden on you and your family. From your free case review to your day in court, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

How the Knoll Law Firm can Help after an Offshore Accident

When an offshore accident occurs, companies often act immediately to try to protect themselves rather than do the right thing for their employees. They may bring in teams of lawyers and investigations to intimidate you and make it seems as though it was your fault that the accident occurred and not due to any negligence on their part.

It is a stressful situation and they may ask high-pressure questions to try and avoid responsibility for your injuries. If you’re not familiar with them, then you can be taken advantage of. At the Knoll Law Firm, we have the experience to handle these cases.

When you choose the Knoll Law Firm, you’ll receive a comprehensive and personalized approach to your offshore accident case, including:

Help You Take Control Again

We take charge of your case so you can concentrate on recovery. We arrange medical treatment, communicate with insurers and opposing counsel, and ensure that your medical bills are deferred until the case is resolved.

Thorough Investigation of Accident

A thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine who is at fault and how it happened, including a review of any safety violations or negligence on the part of your employer or other parties.

Careful Analysis of Evidence

Careful analysis of all available evidence, including witness statements, incident reports, and medical records, to build a strong case on your behalf.

Collaboration with Top Experts

Collaboration with top experts in the field of offshore accidents, such as marine engineers and safety experts, to ensure that we have the most accurate information about the cause of the accident, the extent of your injuries, and the damages you have suffered.

Handling of All Communications

Professional handling of all communication with the insurance companies, your employer, and other parties involved in the accident, taking the burden of the claims process off your shoulders.

Aggresive Negotiation

Aggressive negotiation to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible, based on the facts and evidence we’ve gathered, including compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Skilled Trial Advocacy in Court

Skilled trial advocacy in court, if necessary, to ensure that your rights are fully protected and your case is presented in the most compelling manner possible.

We understand that recovering from an offshore accident can be difficult and stressful. That’s why we’re here to help you through the legal process and take control to get you every cent you deserve.

Over $100 Million Recovered for Our Clients

Free Consultation - Available 24/7

Free Consultation - Available 24/7

Do you have a case that one of our lawyers can help you with? Contact us Now for a Free Consultation. We’re available 24/7 to take your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

The legal process can be very confusing and we know that you may have many questions and concerns regarding your case. To help relieve initial uncertainty about your legal rights, The Knoll Law Firm has compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our clients after an accident:

What should I do if I was involved in an offshore accident?

If you were involved in an offshore accident you should contact an experienced offshore accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

What is The Jones Act?

Many offshore accidents lawsuits fall under the Jones Act. The Jones Act is an admiralty law that allows injured seaman to file a claim against their employers and recover compensation for injuries suffered while working aboard a vessel.

Can I file a lawsuit under The Jones Act?

If you were involved in an oil rig accident you may be able to file a claim under the Jones Act. In order to file a Jones Act claim, you must qualify as a “seaman” under maritime law.

Who qualifies as a seaman under The Jones Act?

Under the Jones Act, the term “seaman” refers to a crew-member aboard a navigable vessel. More specifically, a seaman is a member of a vessel’s crew whose work contributes to the vessel’s mission. Additionally, a worker must spend 30% or more of their employment time aboard a vessel or fleet of vessels to be considered a seaman under the Jones Act.

What type of vessels does The Jones Act cover?

Generally speaking, the Jones Act covers almost any type of vessel that is considered “in navigation”. To be considered in navigation, a vessel must be afloat, capable of moving and in operation on navigable waters. Therefore, most vessels can be covered under the Jones Act.

How much is my case worth?

The amount of compensation that you can receive in an oil rig accident case depends on several different factors such as negligence, liable parties and the extent of injuries that you suffered. An experienced personal injury attorney will help you consider these and other factors that will affect your compensation.

How long will a lawsuit take?

Offshore accident cases can be very complex. Depending on the circumstances, some lawsuits can take as little as a few months or as long as several years. The attorneys at the Knoll Law Firm are dedicated to recovering maximum compensation for clients in the least amount of time. Contact us today.

What are my rights after an accident?

After an accident due to another’s negligence you have the right to be compensated for property damage, loss of use, physical pain, mental anguish, physical disfigurement, physical impairment, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, loss of consortium, and loss of services. You have the right to access a Court to resolve your dispute.

Will I be compensated for my pain and suffering?

Yes, pain and suffering is a type of damage that can be compensated in a personal injury case. The amount of compensation is directly related to severity of the injury. A claimant can recover damages for past and future pain and suffering.

If I do not have health insurance or a premium care physician, how and where can I get treatment for my injuries?

It is against the law for a Hospital’s Emergency Room to refuse to give emergency treatment. Medical treatment may also be obtained by way of a Letter of Protection (LOP) from an attorney. A letter of protection tells a provider that you have a claim pending and the attorney will pay the medical bills out of the proceeds of that claim. Not all health care providers accept letters of protection.

How much money will an attorney cost me?

Most personal injury and death cases are taken on a contingency fees basis. This means the client pays the attorney nothing out of his/her pocket up front and the attorney receives a percentage of the proceeds collected. If nothing is collected the attorney is paid nothing.

What if I cannot work due to my injuries?

After an accident due to another’s negligence you have the right to be compensated for lost income, even if you are paid by your employer under paid vacation or personal time off.

How do I determine if I have a case?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident then you may have the right to compensation for your loss. Every case is different and requires legal analysis by a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney. Please call The Knoll Law Firm today at 1-800-504-3476 or fill out our free case review form and one of our attorneys will contact you to discuss your legal rights.

How long do I have to file a claim after an accident?

In Louisiana an accident victim generally has one year in which to file a lawsuit for his/her injuries and losses. After one year from the date of the accident, and a lawsuit is not filed, the victim forever loses his/her right to bring a claim.


The information contained on this website has been prepared by The Knoll Law Firm, LLC for general informational and educational purposes only, and is not to be construed as legal advice. The information contained hereon is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. The reader should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.